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Enough Digital gets you seen in Search with SEO and Digital PR services that improve your brand’s reach and improve your online visibility.

If you want to drive organic traffic, increase brand awareness, improve your search engine rankings, or build your reputation locally or globally, we are ready to help give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. 

If it doesn’t improve your SEO or increase your brand’s reach, we aren’t doing it.

SEO isn’t a dark art, no matter what people would like to have you believe. It’s easier to talk over people’s heads and dismiss SEO as ‘really technical’ than it is to be honest.

With us, you get direct, clear communication. No smoke and mirrors, no hard-to-understand jargon. Just what is being done and how it will support your goals. If you can’t explain the ROI of our work to your stakeholders, we haven’t done a good enough job communicating with you.

Our clients love our no-nonsense, straightforward approach. And, they can be as involved in working with us to achieve those goals as much or as little as they desire.

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Digital PR Services

We're really passionate about Digital PR because we have seen how Digital PR services can completely transform a brand's online presence. A strong Digital PR strategy can provide huge benefits because:
1. The main goal of Digital PR is earning backlinks. Backlinks are named one of the most important search engine ranking factors. 
2. Being quoted as an expert online in a relevant news article increases the public's perception of your expertise. When done correctly, making yourself visible to the public via reactive news commentary will reflect back positively on your company and your personal reputation. Plus, your mum will definitely want your autograph.
3. Digital PR helps to increase trust in your brand, and that's no small matter. People now trust businesses to do what's right more than they trust governments to do what's right, according to the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer. People vote for politicians but they also vote with their wallets, so getting your company in front of people isn't a nice to have.
4. Customers expect businesses to have a website. If yours isn't properly optimised for Search and appears on page 2 of search (or, worse, beyond), you simply won't be seen. In fact, a Backlinko study of 4 million search results showed less than 1% of people click on something on page 2 of Google Search.
5. Regular Digital PR campaigns are a great way to get your brand in front of new potential customers and increase awareness of your product, service or brand mission. People want to spend their money with legitimate companies - seeing your company name all over the internet will help build that trust (when done properly).

Digital PR Monthly Retainer

Meaningful, sustained Digital PR work that will move the needle. A 12-month Digital PR retainer will see the best results. Once we determine our areas of focus for the year, we’ll create a custom plan of action.
This option is best for brands who want to achieve any of the following:
  • Keyword ranking increases
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Backlink profile management
  • Improve online visibility for your products or services
  • Increase brand expertise, authority and trust in connection with key head terms

Online Reputation Management

We will actively manage your online reputation by working to prevent or minimise negative comments online while highlighting positive customer experiences in search results.


This option is best for brands who want to achieve any of the following:
  • Control over negative comments online
  • Learn what causes negative comments to implement improvement procedures
  • Draw attention to positive customer experiences in search results
  • Have an easy-to-follow process for ongoing online reputation management 

Digital PR Campaign

Looking for a one-hit wonder of a marketing campaign? Say no more. While most brands will get a greater benefit from a long-term Digital PR strategy, a one-off Digital PR campaign can be appropriate in many different situations.
This option is best for brands who want to promote their brand for any of the following reasons:
  • Publicise a new product launch
  • Increase visibility for a fundraising round
  • Attract new partners & investors
  • Get your brand seen by new customers in a specific niche

"An exceptionally down-to-earth, straight-talking and creative digital marketing leader, project director and content creator. Amie has been an absolute star in recent years with a variety of complex and challenging projects. Her approach is such that you can absolutely rely on her to meet and exceed deadlines. She’s also a lot of fun to work with.

Heidi BryantHeidi BryantMarketing Director

"Amie has bucketloads of energy and will reignite any missing spark in your team. If you need an ideas person, Amie will fill that role 3 times over. An excellent presenter, an experienced digital PR pro... is there anything Amie can't do?!"

Hannah ButcherHannah ButcherManaging Director

"Not only is Amie amazingly knowledgeable in Digital PR as well as in SEO, with experience in both the European and American markets and several industries across the board: she's also the funniest person to work with, an incredibly precious asset for any job place to promote a sociable environment, inclusion, and friendship!"

Enrico ChiodinoEnrico ChiodinoHead of SEO

Digital PR retainers from

£2 , 500 + VAT


  • Creative, compelling Digital PR campaigns
  • Reactive breaking PR opportunities
  • Backlink acquisition and upkeep
  • Search optimisation of all content

Single Digital PR campaign from

£3 , 000 + VAT

  • Single campaign to promote a time-bound goal
  • Content creation & outreach done for you
  • Full transparency on our process

Online reputation management from

£1 , 000 + VAT


  • Bespoke Online Reputation Management (ORM) strategy
  • Transparent tracking of changes to Search mix
  • New content to replace negative coverage
  • Potential removal of content (specific situations only)

Still not sure if Digital PR services are right for you?

Send us a message and we'll have a chat about your specific concerns.