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Need an expert?

You know Digital is a crucial part of the marketing mix. You know your company is missing opportunities because you're just not quite current. The market changes so rapidly, that even if you were up-to-date with a Digital strategy a year ago, it's likely to be a bit dated already.

A Digital Marketing expert can jump in and quickly become part of your team,  and get your digital marketing strategy up to speed in no time. Hire us to consult by the day, week, month, or for the length of a specific project or product launch - we're here to help!

Out of ideas?

Perhaps you're not getting the results you want with your Digital Marketing strategy. Or maybe you just need a fresh perspective; it's hard to come up with creative ideas that will move the needle.
A Digital marketing expert can bring a fresh perspective and invigorate your Digital Marketing strategy. We'll work with you to get your Digital Marketing strategy back on track.

Staff turnover?

Let's face it: The Digital Marketing and SEO industry can fluctuate quite a bit. There is more Digital Marketing and SEO work to be done than there are people who can do it. The competition between companies is tough, and Digital Marketing professionals are hopping from company to company. If you're looking for someone to do the work whilst you find your next SEO, Digital PR, or content marketing superstar, we're here for as long as you need us.

Digital Marketing Consultation Retainers



Surprised to see our day rate written for all to see? We're transparent about our fees to save time - yours and ours. Book us for a day, a week, or more with our day rate.



This is our minimum monthly retainer for our services. The retainer includes five days of Digital Marketing work per month, which is enough for us to get you back on track with a brilliant Digital strategy.



We create a Digital Marketing strategy factoring in SEO, Technical SEO, Digital PR, Content Marketing, Site optimisation and more. Then, we do the work. We create a project plan to carry out the strategy and work alongside you to complete it so you'll be on your way to achieving the results you need in no time.

Note: Each company has its own unique set of circumstances, and because of that, our services aren't strictly limited to the above. Please book with the option that is closest to the one you have in mind and we'll work together to come up with something specific to your needs and budget.

What People Say About Us

A legend of Digital PR - super knowledge, amazing client manager, amazing people manager and all round superstar!


Not only is Amie amazingly knowledgeable in Digital PR as well as in SEO, with experience in both the EU and US markets: she is also the funniest person to work with, an incredibly precious asset for any job place to promote a sociable environment.


I had the privilege of working with Amie... and would identify her as one of, if not the best, Digital PR experts in the industry. Amie's unparalleled experience and knowledge of Digital PR secured new business, upsold existing business and was a tremendous asses to the agency. Beyond that, Amie was also an excellent colleague and team lead.