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Looking for a one hit wonder of a marketing campaign? Say no more.

Freelance Digital PR

A one-off Digital PR campaign can be appropriate in many different situations including: -New service offering -Increase visibility for a specific time period -Increase online association with a specific trending term or topic -New product launch What we do Briefing session to determine: 1. What problem you'd like to solve with Digital PR 2. The best Enough Digital strategy to solve that problem Once you know what problem you'd like to solve, we'll match you with a campaign strategy and a plan of action. Research to determine: 1. Where you are compared to a direct and aspirational competitor 2. The potential size of prize or appetite for content on our draft topics 3. What already exists (and how we can do it better) 4. Types of websites we will target in outreach Ideation presentation to: 1. Give you 2-3 strong campaign angles and ideas to choose from for our campaign 2. Show you the SEO factors that connect the campaign idea(s) with our overarching goal set in briefing session 3. Get buy-in from any internal stakeholders who would like eyes on the project Upon approval of a campaign idea of your choice, we'll go into further detail on how we'll implement that plan with a campaign delivery plan. The campaign delivery plan includes: 1. A detailed explanation of our approach, to ensure expectations are aligned 2. An implementation plan showing every milestone along the way 3. A clear roadmap of the project with launch dates and deadlines and when to expect a final report Getting to work on the campaign deliverables, which include: 1. Topic research (desk research, surveys, data analysis, etc) 2. Data analysis 3. Writing press release and any other content 4. Working with designers or devs to start design of on-site asset and project managing that process 5. Write outreach email templates 6. Creation of prospect/seed list of relevant outreach targets 7. Qualifying prospect list to final outreach list 8. Create all content for outreach & followups 9. Set up reporting and tracking of campaign Campaign launch where we: 1. Carry out the agreed delivery plan 2. Update you with weekly meetings and any ad-hoc updates as needed Reporting on our successes with: 1. Personal online reporting portal access 2. In-person or video meeting to discuss successes and learnings

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