Transparency as an ethos

Finding the right Digital PR agency should not be an elaborate game or steeped in sales trickery. Enough already. Enough of the secretive day rates (ours is £750). Enough wasting time on long-winded pitches just to discover an agency is out of your budget. Enough Digital PR is public about our pricing, which saves both sides time and promotes transparency.


Equality is non-negotiable.

Enough Digital PR has transparent wage brackets for each position. Despite the promises to recrify pay discrimination, current statistics reveal that not only has the gender pay gap widened throughout the UK economy, but agencies are some of the worst offenders.

That’s why our salary bands are available to all staff as well as being included in our job adverts. Hiding salary information only serves those who have something to hide. Removing the stigma behind talking about salary will only help create a fairer, more equal workforce.