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Digital PR Retainer (12 months)

Meaningful, sustained Digital PR work that will move the needle. A 12-month Digital PR retainer will see the best results for most of our clients. 

The retainer offers a fixed monthly fee for ongoing Digital PR services, which can include Digital PR campaigns, reactive news commentary, product promotion, and link building.

Any company, whether it be a startup, small business or established organisation, can benefit from having a dedicated digital PR professional who can:

A robust online presence is crucial for success, and a Digital PR retainer provides a proactive and consistent approach to managing brand image. 

While every brand’s strategy is unique to its specific goals, the overall goal of Digital PR is to increase brand visibility online by earning backlinks, press coverage, social media visibility, and building and maintaining a positive online reputation. This is all done for you using proven SEO strategies that get your brand seen by more people in more places online. 

Once we determine our area of focus, we’ll create a bespoke Digital PR strategy featuring goals such as:

  • Keyword ranking increases
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Backlink profile hygiene
  • Improve or create long-term visibility for your permanent products or services
  • Increase visibility of your brand’s experience, expertise, authority, and trust in connection with key head terms

A Digital PR retainer is an investment in your brand’s online presence, giving your brand a competitive edge on the internet.