amie sparrow

About the author

Amie Sparrow is the Founder of Enough Digital. 

Amie started her career as a news journalist in Chicago, covering the police beat and local government.

Amie left news journalism for editorial content writing and subsequently was promoted to Managing Editor of an array of niche B2B magazines. She quickly saw a need to promote the expertise she was amplifying within those industries. Because of this, she started to promote the findings of industry experts in academic and industrial fields by learning public relations.

She applied her learnings as a  journalist – once on the receiving end of thousands of press releases – to create newsworthy, press-ready content to amplify her clients’ expertise.

Amie continued her career in PR when she moved from the U.S. to the U.K. While leading a PR team at a U.K.-based mental health company, she befriended an SEO who taught her the basics. Seeing immediately how advantageous SEO knowledge is to PR practices, Amie started practising and studying SEO to add “Digital PR” to her skill set. 

Since 2016, Amie has formed and led multiple Digital PR departments to achieve excellent results for in-house and agency brands.

Now, in a career spanning almost 20 years and three countries, Amie founded Enough Digital Ltd. to offer her unique skillset in digital marketing.