Selling Digital PR: Wins & Waking Nightmares

There are two types of Digital PR’s: Those who have been roped into a sales call with no training and those who haven’t – yet.

I conducted a Twitter poll to find out how many of us have participated on a Digital PR sales call. Of the 38 Digital PR’s who responded, 58% said they hadn’t been on a Digital PR sales call yet, and 42% said that they have been on a Digital PR sales call.

Of all the people who said they’ve been on a Digital PR sales call, a whopping 80% said they had no sales training whatsoever beforehand. Why are we doing this? Even the most modest of monthly retainers results in annual spends in the tens of thousands, and that’s at the low end.

I’ve personally sold contracts in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. That’s like sending a car dealer to the sales floor with no training, and expecting her to sell four fully loaded Tesla’s.

Find out more about my experience selling Digital PR services by downloading my Brighton SEO Online PR Show slides in the PDF below.

I’ve also created a checklist of things to ask the potential new client before jumping on your next Digital PR sales call.

Happy selling!