Amie Sparrow

How to Create a Personal Journalist Request Alert System

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There are many actions we use in our day-to-day lives as digital marketers that we can now automate. The processes, tips and tricks we learn will hopefully save us some time. Feel free to suggest an addition if you’ve found something that saves you time!

How Do You Create a Digital PR strategy?

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The first step of creating a Digital PR strategy – whether you’re working in an agency or in-house – is to determine what your goals are for your Digital PR offering. These will vary depending on if you’re agency or brand-side so let’s start by looking at the benefits of Digital PR in general. The […]

Navigating Digital PR Job Roles and Requirements

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A career in Digital PR has many benefits: no two days are ever the same, the fast-paced nature of the news agenda means we’re hardly ever sitting still long enough to be bored, and the sweet victory of landing high-quality backlinks can make us feel like we’re on top of the world. Additionally, a career […]

What is Digital PR?

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If you want to build your online presence and keep your business at the forefront of customer minds, a smart Digital PR strategy is a must. Digital PR is the process of using content marketing and SEO techniques to build a brand’s online visibility. Digital PR increases brand awareness, earns backlinks and improves SEO rankings.  […]

What Journalists Want from Digital PR Practitioners

There are articles and opinions all over our online spaces from fellow Digital PR professionals and content marketers trying to get inside the mind of the almighty journalist. In Digital PR, getting our copy past those journalist gatekeepers is the final test of our content writing, marketing, pitching, and research skills, which we hope results […]